Stream of Consciousness #4

You know how there are nicknames for certain days of the week (Thirsty Thursday, Sunday Funday…the whole bit)? I recently just thought of my own nickname for Wednesday, even though there already is one. Wear Me Out Wednesday is what I’m choosing to call it, because that’s what honestly happens. I have four classes, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, with only ten minutes to get from point A to point B. Forgive me for complaining, but that and Mondays just exhaust the day-lights out of me. Although the good thing is that on Monday night, I did go to bed around ten o’clock; the next morning felt absolutely wonderful. 

I’m about halfway done with the second week of second semester; for the most part, it’s going extremely well. In a nutshell, I am learning about the various meanings of life, cross-dressing, poetry, and a continuation of the Spanish language. But no, I’m not learning about all this stuff in just one particular subject; this is mainly what I’m learning about in each of my classes. I would classify it as easy or difficult just yet- only time will tell. 

I finally finished up my informal sorority recruitment application, where activities take place from Friday until Sunday. A part of me is really excited about it and the other part is extremely nervous; mostly because the last time I went through this sort of thing (the more tiring and formal process back in September) I wasn’t selected for anything by the third round; despite that I put on a brave face about it, deep down it was a very devastating experience.

 But I guess I should blame myself for that one; at the time I was extremely picky about what houses I wanted and felt like my heart was more with the girls in my dorm. When I didn’t get in, I figured that maybe it wasn’t meant for me. Yet as time went on, I kept hearing about the things that my friends were doing in their chapters, and it sounds like a lot of fun. 

We’ll see how it goes…

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