Stream of Conscience #3

I am now back at college and find myself typing this late afternoon in the ITC lab rather than in my cozy dorm room with a cup of coffee in my hand; the wi-fi internet in the dorms has been down for most of the day and no one really knows when it’s going to be up and working again. Not that the lab is an entirely bad place to be, but it involves a lot of going back and forth if I need to get something from my room.

Despite the fact that break is over and it’s now back to the grind, I have to say that I’m extremely grateful for it; I’ve missed my friends here and all the random things that tend to happen when we’re together. Not to mention that I do get to go back to my usual routine, even though I do have differently classes. I can’t say for certain whether or not they’ll be easier or harder than last semester, but the definitely do seem a lot more interesting.

Surprisingly, I feel extremely motivated for this semester; my grades didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted to the first time around, and I have to raise my GPA if I hope to get into the Creative Writing Track at any point. Regretably, there were many little things that I didn’t do during the first semester that are actually fairly important: writing all your assignments down at the beginning of the term so that you know when everything is due, keeping track of what grade you’re getting in the class (if possible) and a bunch of other stuff. I feel like I do have the capability of pulling all A’s and B’s, if not straight A’s.

One of my other goals would be to get to know more people outside of my dorm building; not that I have a problem with anyone on my floor, but I’m not completely sure if I’ve found my main “group” so to speak. But that particular topic is for another time…

There are a lot of things that I would like to happen in the coming months; yet, I don’t know if I should get into specifics but there is no guarentee that they will happen. Ahh, sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a dreamer. I guess the best thing I can do is to take things as they come and keep reminding myself that everything works out in the end.

Until then, I will enjoy the fact that I do not have any classes whatsoever on Tuesdays and have actually made a workout schedule for myself.

Second semester…bring it on!!

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