Stream of Conscience #2

  • I have at least a dozen different story/blog ideas in mind, yet for the life of me cannot figure out how exactly to write them down. In a way, I feel stuck; I have so much to write about and plenty of thoughts swimming around in my head, yet they’re not transferring to paper (or in my case, computer screen) the way I want them to. What is even more frustrating is how I have had a month to write and have done very little of it. I’m thinking I just need to not go on the computer for the rest of today..
  • This week is my last full week of winter break; It’s somewhat weird going back to school and the daily grind of things, especially since I haven’t had any homework or studying to do for about a month. That in turn is why I believe that four weeks is too long for a college student; you go for awhile without studying or doing any homework and than you start classes again and have to get right back into it. 
  • Of course, I am looking forward to it (probably for the first time in my life). I’ve missed all the random and crazy shennanigans, (did I even spell that right?) along with spending time with ever crazier friends. My class schedule will be a bit more hectic class and time wise, being that I have more in a day than last semester. Not to mention that some of them are back to back (with only ten minutes in between) and it will be a bit of a hike to get from one building to the other. I’ll have to time myself the day before classes begin to see just how long it takes me. 
  • I just realized that I have something going on almost every weekend after I get back; not that I am complaining, because they’re fun activities. I just have a bit of planning to do, especially in regards to my birthday…
  • Speaking of which, I’ve been asked about gift ideas and am not short of shelling them out to various friends and family members. But there is one thing that I really want…one thing that only involves one person. I really have got to stop day-dreaming. 
  • I sound pretty exasperated, don’t I? That’s what happens when you find yourself with a list of a dozen or so things to do before going back to college….

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