Stream of Conscience #1

I’ve decided to start doing “stream of conscience” blog posts as a way of blogging consistently when I don’t have anything in particular to blog about, as well as becoming more authentic about my writing. I usually like to write about specific topics, but sometimes it can take awhile and I would like to start actually blogging on here about every other day during the week. So on days where I’m either experiencing writer’s block or I don’t want to spend five hours on the computer trying to write it down, I figure I could just post whatever is on my mind at the moment…

  • The holidays are officially over and surprisingly I don’t feel as glum as I used to when taking down the Christmas decorations and getting the house back to “normal.” I think it’s because in previous years, Christmas being over meant going back to school; that is, back to wearing a uniform, waking up at five o’clock in the morning Monday through Friday and just counting down the days until graduation. Now a days, it is different. 
  • However, I have two more weeks left at home, which leaves me feeling both anxious and a little frustrated. As much as I love spending time with my family and catching up with old friends, I’ve realized that being at home is like trying to wear a pair of jeans that you just don’t fit into anymore. Going away to school allowed me to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it: I could go out at 11:00 or later, walk downtown in about ten to twenty minutes, and could just basically do it all on my own time. And I rarely have to ask for help to do any of it.
  • But while it might be somewhat agitating to not be busy all the time, I do enjoy sleeping late and doing things that I don’t normally get to do while in college; that being reading, taking baths, watching my favorite TV shows on a regular basis. There’s no need to worry about studying or homework. 
  • Yet it has gotten to a point where I’ve become tired of just simply “vegging out” so to speak. I’ve started working out again and my parents are teaching me how to cook. Along with that, I have a few story ideas in mind and am working on putting those to paper. 
  • I also hope that I might get to spend time with a few people before I leave; people that I haven’t seen nor spent any time with for quite some time. People that I miss terribly and would give anything just to spend a few hours with. I just hate how something so simple as that seems to have turned into something so difficult. Technology definitely isn’t helping either. 
  • My apologies for this post sounding rather negative, especially since it’s my first post of 2011. I’m just in one of those moods…

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