December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors)

I didn’t know what I was more excited about: the dress, the fact that my act of courage had paid off, or that I was going with a date for the first time (we were more or less going as friends; it wasn’t a “date” date). Nevertheless, it was the night that almost every girl thinks about at least a few years in advance; the prom. But it was also my senior prom, and another wish that I could now cross of my list of things that I’d been wanting to do before I graduated high school.

Shortly after dinner ended, the lights dimmed and so began to most cultivating part of the night: the actual dancing. I’m no MJ, Madonna, Britney or even J. Lo, but that doesn’t really stop me from going all out if I feel like it. Dancing seems like one of those things that you should have to be good at in order to enjoy it, but I disagree. If you’re having a blast, why exactly should you care?

My date told/warned me that he wasn’t the best dancer.
I smiled, “I’m not either. Lets go!”

I can’t say if there was one particular moment where I felt as though I was practically on top of the world. It was just being able to completely let go of my inhibitions and dance like there was no tomorrow. Sure, the music was not the best (my high school is more often that not known for playing really crappy music at their dances; mostly so that kids don’t grind on each other like cheese graters. But that doesn’t really stop anyone). But that didn’t damper my feelings, such that I could almost describe as intoxicating. Lights were flashing all around and it seemed like everyone just blended together in one big clump on the dance floor. Also adding that it made the temperature increase by at least twenty degrees. 

It was not any sort of romantic aspect that made it so thrilling, although for once I wasn’t wishing to be in the arms of someone else, I wasn’t looking around enviously at my other friends, and I wasn’t wondering why things seemed to work out for other people, but not for myself. The best part about it was the sense of freedom; again, the ability to just let go and have fun. So much in fact, that at times my logical thinking went out the window…but in a good way. 

I really do hope one day I’ll have the kind of feeling again, or perhaps even better. But I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily have to be dressed to the nines or in a big fancy ball room to do it. Just be sure not to set your expectations so high and go with the flow.

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