One Year

Wow, it’s already been a year since I started this little thing?! Truth be told, I couldn’t remember when my “blogiversary” was off the top of my head; my best bet was that it was sometime in June, because I do remember what my first post was about (it can be found here). Throughout the last half of 2009 (as well as the first half of 2010) anyone who came across this journal of sorts would be treated to an array of entries related to my senior year of high school. 

Suffice to say, that is not what this blog is about; I did not name it “The Life of a Senior” so that I could strictly enlighten readers as to what was going on during my senior year of high school. “So What Do I think?” indicates my wanting to share my thoughts and opinions about life and what goes on in the world through bits of prose, poetry, and everything in between. 

Regrettably, I didn’t always do that. 

It’s true that I did post on various topics, quite a few that my age group could identify with. However, there were others that I desperately wanted to touch on, but either was too lazy to sit down and actually do it (I’ll touch on that shortly) or I was flat-out afraid. For example, I was hoping to do a post about the Phoebe Prince bullying case and touch on my own experiences with bullying. Yet, a part of me was (and still is) somewhat hesitant, because a lot of my family members don’t even know what happened, and I don’t want to anger or hurt anyone. To add to that, I wasn’t sure that I was ready to discuss it. 

It also has to do with the number of blogs that I posted on a weekly (or should I say monthly?) basis; I had originally intended to blog at least every other day, with the hopes that more people would feel inclined to read it. But I’ve realized that as much as I loving do this, it can be tough at times because I have an extremely bad habit of putting things off. Not to say that I won’t complete a task, I just don’t usually do it right when it gets handed to me. I do realize that needs to change, being that I will be going to college in just a little under two months. 

Despite going at a snail’s pace at times, my hopes and goals for this blog still remain the same; I want people to get at least something out of my writings on here. Whether it be an insight to my personal character or my beliefs, an inspiration of some kind, or it just ultimately makes a person think. When that happens, I know I’m doing a bit of good on here. 

Don’t be surprised if you see a change (or multiple changes) throughout these writings. I do intend to tackle more subjects, some a bit more touchy and sensitive than others. (I hope that people will actually comment on here as opposed to just Facebook when I post the links). I’ve sharpened the sword a bit, so to speak, so you might find traces of sarcasm and humor. I’d like to also use photos, if I could figure out how in the world to put them on here. 

Perhaps I’ll even muster enough courage to put a profile picture up. One thing I’ve learned is to never fully trust the internet; in Cyberspace, it’s pretty much an “anything goes” type of deal, and I never really know who reads what I write or what their intentions are. Thus, the reason why I won’t reveal where I’m going to college. There are millions of sick-minded freaks out there in the world, and there’s no telling what could happen. So unless anyone offers to do a bit of butt-kicking if a sticky situation arises (or I get an opportunity to take a self-defense class) than my location will be known as “the cornfields.” Not to mention I enjoy maintaining a bit of mysteriousness. 

For now, I will go celebrate with a third cup of coffee for the day. And here’s to another year of thoughts and opinions on whatever each day may hold.

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