Prepping and (Somewhat) Planning

I just recently had my college orientation, making this already fast train (figuratively speaking) speed up another ten or so miles. In some ways, it has made my high school graduation seem like a month ago as opposed to a week. Not to say that’s a bad thing; the bittersweetness of leaving has passed, allowing me to focus on work and just spending time with whomever I can.

It was both exciting and overwhelming, being on campus again. I can recall walking through the downtown area and telling my mom that I had a good feeling about this; I don’t think there was ever a time where I wasn’t really smiling (aside from scheduling classes).

Most of, if not both of the two days were sending my brain into information overload; the first day went from nine in the morning until eleven at night, becoming somewhat repetitious after awhile. I was rather anxious to just get my schedule figured out since classes were filling up already. In the long run, it looks to be rather beneficial; only two each day (with one on Friday) ending by at least one in the afternoon. The buildings are close to each other, and I’ve built enough study and relaxation time between each class. An even better perk, perhaps, is that the library (the place where I’ll probably spend the majority of my time studying) is right nearby.

I left with another bag full of papers and necessary information; but quite honestly, I’ve never felt more excited or eager for this next part of my life. 

A good amount of people ask me if I’m nervous about going away and being on my own. There are some aspects that form knots in my stomach at times (which I’ll save for a later post), but I’m just trying to take everything one day at a time. The best and most useful lesson I’ve learned is that when it comes to big transitions like moving to a new state and being independent, one has to go in with a blindfold on. 

And that is probably going to be the hardest part; that is, having very little to no expectations. I have an extremely active imagination that goes in a dozen different directions at once, so I can’t say that I’ve never pictured myself doing certain things (i.e. getting coffee and working on my latest literary creation in a coffee shop, playing frisbee on the quad…that type of thing). Then again, those are realistic expectations; there’s a difference between envisioning yourself drinking a cup of coffee and envisioning yourself being accepted in a sorority (that of which I am rushing, might I add). 

However, I did learn during my eighth grade and freshman year that regardless of how scary things may seem, everything works out in the end. One may not be able to control what they’re handed in life, but they definitely have the power to decide how they’re going to deal with it. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen, or when, or how for that matter. But I’m ready for whatever this new path in life may bring.

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