Why I blog, and other things

I first came on to the blogging scene in December of 2005. It was on another website, and my intention for it wasn’t to blog, so to speak. Granted, I did post things quite often, but the majority of it was about the daily happenings in my life. That, and because it became one of those “gotta have it” things with kids my age at that time; a temporary cyber-playground that would get old once I discovered blogging possibilities on Myspace and Facebook soon after. 

I stumbled into this little place when I began following a friend’s blog over the course of time; I had an urge to create one of my own, but I had so many other things to keep updating and I didn’t want to add another hour to the already unnecessary hours I spend staring at the computer screen. Yet I was intrigued by the prospect of being able to write and share my thoughts without being coerced into some kind of group for specific web groups or what have you. And in a way, I missed sharing my frequent musings with people via cyberspace. 

My site name was born out of simplicity; I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to capitalize on specific notions or happenings in my life; in other words, my life doesn’t constantly revolve around it. There are a vast amount of blogs out there dedicated to parenting, dating, careers, etc. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but it just isn’t my thing. Quite frankly, I would get bored talking about the same subject whenever I came on here. I have a very diverse personality and it’s difficult to describe myself in just one single sentence (although I’m sure various friends and family members will have a different answer for that).

I write about whatever is on my mind; there are currently at least ten plus different topics sitting in the crevices of my brain at this moment. The hardest part, in my opinion, is knowing which one to talk about, or even if I should. One of the topics I’m rather hesitant about sticking my toes in is politics. Despite being of legal age to vote, I can’t say that I have an incredibly amount of knowledge in regards to both the Democratic and Republican parties, or what their views exactly are. I probably should start educating myself more, but the whole thing is confusing. So I choose to tread carefully with politic issues because I realize that I don’t have enough information to support my view (s) all the time. I’ll admit that another key factor is that I hate getting into arguments, no matter what the motivation is.

 But that’s what being a writer is all about; writing what you feel and what you think, despite there being a chance that not everyone will like or agree with it. 

I hope that when people come on here, they will get something out of it; maybe a little encouragement, maybe even a little insight. I want this to be a way for people to get to know me a bit better by reading the words that   I struggle with forming in person. To some, it’s a way to keep up with where I’m at in my personal journey. To others, it could be because of my writing style. Whatever it is, I hope that it has an effect of some kind. That yes, there is more to me than what meets the eye. 

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