This do it

I’ve never been the type to have very high standards in regards to men. I’ve always been pretty outgoing and am not afraid to go up to a guy and talk to him, call him, ect. You get the idea right? I wrote this after my last potential relationship (if you want to call it that) somewhat fizzled out. Deep down, I’ve always wanted a guy to be the one to come after me, not exactly the other way around.

The Chase

Ever since the early years, love has never been far from my mind

Always had an object of affection

But that doesn’t mean it worked out every time

Now I haven’t quite got it all figured out

Still a puzzle, why things tend to happen the way they do

All I know is that feelings have often left me blind

Blind enough to where if I don’t do it, then it doesn’t happen at all

Maybe I’ll give waiting an old-fashioned swing

Not what you’re thinking, but waiting for him to come to me

Don’t expect a date if you won’t be the one to ask

Don’t think I’ll go tracking you down if you decide that you’ve had enough and won’t bother to call me back

Be sincere what you surprise me, not just because it’s what I’d want

And there’s definitely no need to rush

I’m tired of being on an endless merry-go-round

Sick of what never seems to come full circle

I want someone to fall in love with me first, then give me a good enough reason to love them back

It may be a lot of work

But I’ll make it worth the chase

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