A season of change

By now, I’m sure alot of these posts regarding the transition of summer to autumn has grown pretty cliche. Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of cold weather, and come January you’ll probably hear me moaning and groaning about how badly I want to be able to go outside and wear shorts again. Yet for the very first time I find myself entranced with fall; the colors, the smell of leaves, a pumpkin-spiced latte from starbucks, burning candles in my room, wearing hoodies…it’s just so…nice.

And as the title says, I feel as if this is a season of change; not just in weather, but in my life too. I’m visiting two more college visits next week, and hopefully by then I’ll have founded a school that has cliqued for me. I hope to have all my applications done with by the end of october and get started on some scholarships.

I feel like I have finally gotten back into the groove of writing again. Not just on here, but writing in my private journal and other ideas that come to mind. I’ve found myself writing poetry alot more because of the trials and frustrations I’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks. I’ve come to the conclusion that if anything good can come out of my struggles, it’s heartful and passionate thoughts transmitted from pen to paper.

I’ll be posting about seperate topics eventually, I just can’t be sure how often that’ll be. But as I keep saying

One day at a time…

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