A Time to think

It’s been four days since I had surgery, and for the most part I’m doing really well. The operation itself went smoothly; no pins were needed this time, and I’ve been taking painkillers on an every-six hour basis. I’m at my grandparents right now, due to my Dad working and Mom being with my brother at Nationals; their house is only one level and its alot easier to get around. I am blessed to have an amazing little sister and two wonderful grandparents that have been taking care of me. 🙂 I only wish the pills didn’t make me wanna fall asleep all the time.

I’ve had alot of time to think and reflect, being that I’m required to keep my foot elevated and only walk around if needed. I’ve been told this many times in my life, and probably will need to be reminded many more. When it all comes down to it, it really is what you make of it. To be more specific, it’s your attitude that will determine how you handle what you’re given in life.

I know that some may be reading this and thinking “Ahh, she finally got it!” To be truthful, I’ve never been an optimistic person, and I think it’s one of my weakest attributes. I think it was at some point during my junior year where I got tired of being upset, tired of worrying all the time, and tired of feeling like crap.

I can vividly recall hearing a messege last year in church that relates very strongly to what I’m talking about. The pastor’s Grandmother had gotten hip replacement surgery and she was getting ready to go home. Now I can’t quite remember what was said exactly after that, but then the doctor leaned over and told her “God has done his part, now you have to do yours.”

After hearing that, I came up with a quote of my own:
You can pray to God and ask for the strength to walk, but you have to be the one that’s willing to take the first steps.
It has stuck with me today, especially when my Mom came and told me that I had to get the surgery done. I was definately upset at first; I had the notion that I would spend the remaining part of the summer in pain, not being able to go out a whole lot, and not being able to play powderpuff senior year. (Yeah, that’s what I was thinking at the time. haha) But than I realized that having that kind of attitude really wasn’t going to do any good, and decided to count my blessings instead. And that is what I’m still doing, even as I type this. I’ve gotten to spend three days with my Grandparents, who’ve doted on me and spoiled me more than needed. I’ve been able to catch up on the books I’ve been reading, as well as being able to thank God for what I have.

It most certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, looking on the bright side. And I mean that for everyone. I’m still a human being (a teenager, no less) and will probably slip up from time to time. But thats how life is; you have your good days and your bad days, your good traits and your not-so good traits. In the end, if you learn a good lesson from it, that I believe is what ultimately matters.

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