It blows my mind how fragile life truly is, especially with the recents deaths of Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays, all within a week and a half. Death is somewhat of a strange subject for me; I have never really experienced complete sadness when a relative has passed on (reasons being that I was not particularly close with any of them, nor did I know them very well), but I get so shaken up when I hear about others. This happens especially if it relates to an illness or if that person seems considerably young at the time they go.

My initial reaction was along the lines of “what?! Are you kidding me?? wow..” It was more the timing, because both Farrah and MJ were more relatable to my parents generation/era then to mine. Farrah was the woman with the insanely curly hair that my mom often sported when she was my age. Michael had good music, (I DO remember dancing to Billie Jean and Thriller at various dances that I went to) but he seemed to have a weird personality and I felt sorry for him. And Billy Mays was the Oxy-Clean guy who’s commercials eventually got annoying because they were shown so much on TV.
Yet, it has taught me a lesson; simple, but one that I often have to re-learn over and over again:

Life is short. You can only take it so seriously, but neither should you take it lightly.

This is the reason why I tell my family members and friends that I care for them whenever I get the chance. It is why from this point on I am trying to look at the bright side of things more often and not worry or stress about what is ultimately out of my control.

I definately have more to say on all these subjects, but will leave those for future entries.

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